Nico, born in 1986 in a place that's now called France.
I sometimes need to drown myself in a flow of solitude, music, art, antic obsolete objects, photographs, and various motor-parts.
Albert Camus. Pink Floyd. Random rants.
All of the pictures here are my photos, you'll find more on my Flickr page.
/tagged/self for my face.

I’m fucking sad and lonely, I’m feeling a complete wreck and an unwanted, negative and worthless piece of junk. And nothing and no one will ever fill that hole inside of me. And the more I’m trying to hold on and to fill that void, the more gets bigger. This is just so desperating and wearing and I’m tired of this. I don’t want to fight for anything anymore, I’m sick of everything.

I should stop getting attached to people this much and thinking of imaginary feelings of any kind they could have toward me. But I guess I’ll never learn. And I guess I’ll always have to feel worthless, empty and lonely.

I have a hard time choosing between plague or cholera.
— Vladirack Obamin

“The absurd man will not commit suicide; he wants to live, without relinquishing any of his certainty, without a future, without hope, without illusions… and without resignation either. He stares at death with passionate attention and this fascination liberates him. He experiences the “divine irresponsibility” of the condemned man.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

I’m always getting sad and upset just before going to bed and it’s always fucking up my nights and all my sleep, then I’m feeling like a damn wreck all the morning.

Bloc Party - Blue Light

And you didn’t even notice
When the sky turned blue
And you couldn’t tell the difference
Between me and you
And I nearly didn’t notice
The gentlest feeling

Mudhoney - Need (live in Berlin, 1988)

sans titre on Flickr.
Full size (Canon AE-1 - Expired Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 - June 2012)

sans titre on Flickr.

Full size (Canon AE-1 - Expired Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 - June 2012)

I need a bath, a nap, and a huge plate of couscous with red wine. In no particular order.

Eagles Of Death Metal - So Easy

Bored so here’s me with my glasses and the grealest pajamas in the whole wide world.

(Source: quicknessoftheeyedeceivesthemind)

Nirvana - In Bloom (Sup Pop version, 1990)

Stop calling this “alternate version”! This is Sup Pop version. That is all.

I’m sick and tired of everything. I can’t, I just fucking can’t… I want to cry and I can’t even, I’m feeling way too empty and drained. I am always too much or not enough. I’m just trying to be me and it’s never the right thing to do.

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