Nico, born in 1986 in a place that's now called France.
I sometimes need to drown myself in a flow of solitude, music, art, antic obsolete objects, photographs, and various motor-parts.
Albert Camus. Pink Floyd. Random rants.
All of the pictures here are my photos, you'll find more on my Flickr page.
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365 days of music

Day 28 - A song you change the words to when you sing it

Metallica - The Unforgiven : http://youtu.be/oh4r49tzn88

"Nous battons des oeufs, et cuicui ils sont durs…"

The sweetest thing is listening to Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister talking about their childhood love and passion for The Beatles.

The Lords Of Altamont - Too Old To Die

365 days of music

Day 27 - A song you like to blast on your car stereo when it comes on

Matmatah - Lambé An Dro : http://youtu.be/450zVqEdlIw

Bored, sleepless, horny, sad, frustrated and tired… the only thing that could fix this is a bottle of Talisker that I don’t have.

"I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world."

Albert Camus

Nine Inch Nails - The Day The World Went Away (quiet version)

I have no idea what I’m doing with myself and what I’m going to do. Also sorry I still have a few messages to catch up with but I won’t do this today, I just don’t want to think.

I have a few messages to reply to and few people to catch up with, but I won’t do this until the begining of next week. I don’t really feel like talking at the moment, I don’t feel like belonging anywhere. I’m again going through a depressive phase and I feel drained and empty. I have no envy to do anything, no envy to think and no envy to feel.I just want to stay in bed in silence and stare at the ceiling while thinking of the useless and meaningless piece of shit I am. And honestly when I’m in this state of mind I’m not of a good company, I feel oppressed and broken, I feel like everything is balming me for being who I am… so I prefer staying alone, even if that’s a mistake. Sorry… and no I’m not sorry, that’s how things are that’s all.

Feeling a wreck today. I think I’m getting really depressed again and eventhough it was expected as I’m always going up and down, it doesn’t make it easier and I feel completely broken and out of sorts. I was waiting for it though, I’ve spent summer feeling empty and drained, avoiding my thoughts and my own mind by only working or sleeping… and now I’m hitting a fucking low again and I already know it’s going to last for at least a few months. It’s really despairing. I wish I could get used to this somehow, but no it seems even worse every fucking time.

Fucking triggered and feeling really disgusting, messy and ugly right now. Always gonna be up and down I guess.

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